Lea Huuse - beautician

My job is my hobby and I await every day so I can go to work. The work of a beautician is never a routine because new techniques and products are developed every day. This is how I get new energy and I like that I can share all of it with my lovely clients.

I love my job!

Member of the Estonian Beautician’s Association
2012 Nimue products training
2010 Moscow EstMaster Massage School lymph massage training. Funded by EAS
2010 Chemical peel training with BDR products and DermaLift machine
2009 Estoninan Beautician’s Association training: PH-diet and cosmetician’s work safety
2009 DECLEOR additional training
2009 JESSICA pedicure additional training
2009 Brazilian bikini training with GIGI
2006 Brazilian bikini training
2005 SUKAR training (depilation)
2005 DARPHIN training
2005 ST PEEL Microdermabrasion Machine training
2005 JESSICA second stage manicure training
2004 Different massage trainings (lymph, punctual, vibro)
2003 JESSICA ZenSpa pedicure training
2000 RAMASON ultrasound machine training
1999 JESSICA first stage manicure and pedicure training
1999 Katrin Sangla make-up training 60 h
1998 Katrin Sangla make-up training 25 h
1997 – 1998 The First Estoninan Private Cosmetic School