To create the “INITIO” collection, the Intersalon stylists were inspired by the momentary perception of the world.
This collection was born with the synergy of the creative team.

“INITIO”- which means beginning in Latin, new coming, initiative. It symbolizes the period in which many of us perceive ourselves at the moment. The world has changed, we have changed, we see our surroundings in a new way and start as if from the beginning. Our vision is new to the eye, maybe even a little unfamiliar, but exciting.
Intersalon’s “INITIO” collection conveys an unexpected, bold, innovative and futuristic worldview.

Team credits
Models: Diana Aizatullina Sille Randviir Evelina Säkk Kätlin Hallik Kristina Elizarova
Fashion: Sille Randviir, PUUE , Kätlin Haak
Hair: Liina HeckElisabeth Raudsepp , Ilona Vares
Mua: Laura Salla
Art director: Kerli
DOP, graffer, edit:
Assistant: Susanne- Silvia Taperson
Special thanks to: Viimsi Goldenclub, Eventech SIROWA Beauty Estonia


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