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Our brow technician and make-up artist Maarja Liisa creates perfectly shaped brows that fit you best!

Maarja-Liisas’ beauty tip: “Beautifully groomed brows can make your face shine with perfection! No other beauty tip will help if your brows are uneven or with the wrong shape.”

“In my everyday-work, I see a lot of clients who love to take care of themselves, but often forget that their brows need attention too. Today’s beauty ideal is to look beautiful and neat naturally… the way to get there doesn’t matter.”

In addition to brow design, Maarja-Liisa offers eyelash tinting and also upper lip, jaw and nostrils waxing.

Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up technique, that is used for filling eyebrows with drawing or stroking individual eyebrow hairs. Instead of a machine a special microblading needle is used.

The shape of the eyebrows is calculated and designed very specifically considering the shape of the persons face and the golden ratio. The colour is determined by the persons natural eyebrow and hair colour to make the result as natural as possible. The advantage of microblading is that the pigment is deposited between the layers of epidermis and dermis. This means that without renewing the procedure, the pigment wears off within certain time because the top layer of the skin renews itself. The classical permanent make-up is done in the dermal layer where the skin is not renewing itself as in the top layer and the pigment stays.

Microblading is for people who value a natural look. The procedure does not damage or remove one’s own eyebrow hair.

Microblading and permanent make-up is not done on keloid scarring, but is allowed with other types of scars. It is possible to use microblading to go over permanent make-up, but in this case a consultation is necessary because the outcome may differ from what is expected.

We welcome you for consultation to discuss the options for the best results.

The microblading procedure is done by our brow technician Maarja-Liisa. She has obtained the Microblading Academy certificate under the guidance of master Dovile Žilinskaitė.


Price includes a renewal procedure in 1-2 months.

All prices include sales tax.