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The fashion collection “Pisar” is inspired by the feelings of men and the hidden beauty behind them. The theme is transferred to women’s collection, that is fragile with classic plays on detail. “Pisar” expresses hidden beauty, pain, harmony and complete chaos.

The models will be wearing transparent glass masks with male facial features and latex wigs. The inspiration to make a women’s collection based on men’s feelings came from conducting interviews with men about what makes them cry and what is crying for them in general. The result turned out to be exchangeable with women’s understanding of the subject, thus revealing that on deeper level we are not so different after all.

collection PISAR:  HAAK design / desinger Kätlin Haak

mua: MUMU – Maret Ubaleht Make Up
hair: Liina Heck
Photos: Jörgen Paabu

Collection Pisar

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