Triin Veisman - junior hairdresser / make-up artist

My interest in hairdressing developed already in high school but I felt the pressure to apply to university. I studied dance arts in the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. I worked as a dancer and dance teacher for a few years but the beauty industry was still always on my mind.

In 2013 I applied to the Estonian make-up school Grimmikool. After that I have worked as a freelance make-up artist for several television shows and series, I also offer hair and make-up services for weddings and other events.

During my work, I felt that I would like to be more confident and broaden my hairdressing skills, so I decided to study hairdressing in the Tallinn Centre of Industrial Education. I realised that the world of hairdressing is very intriguing for me and now I combine my passion with scissors and colours to give the best results that make the customers smile with contentment.

For the services of our junior hairdressers we have a discount of –15% from the price list of junior stylists.