Sirlen Kaljuvee - senior stylist

I was born on the 27th of September 1984 in Pärnu. I graduated from Pärnu Coeducational Gymnasium and after that I had a firm desire to become a hairdresser.

I started my studies in Tallinn Industrial Education Centre in 2003. I was lucky to do my hairdresser practice in Intersalon. My first workplace has turned out to be 10 years of quality co-operation.

In these years I got married and became a mother to a beautiful little girl.

In my free time I really like travelling, sport and my inseparable part – dancing.

In my work I appreciate innovation and at the same time the traditions that have developed in Intersalon through years. I also appreciate a steady work collective and friendliness.

I treat my clients’ hair as my own – with love and care. The goal is, in co-operation with the client, to choose the most hair-friendly approach to get the best results.