Kristi Karja - junior stylist / make-up artist

I was born and raised in Tallinn. After high school I studied in Estonian Hairdressers and Cosmeticians Private School to be a beautician. After that my life took me to Italy, where I lived for thirteen years. I speak Italian fluently.

When I got back to Estonia I wanted to fulfill my childhood dream. I started my hairdresser studies in in Tallinn Industrial Education Centre in 2013 and graduated in 2015.

I got to do my practice in Intersalon, under the supervision of senior master and stylist Kaja Seppel. I started as a junior hairdresser in Intersalon in March 2015.

On my free time I like to be out in the nature. I like riding a bike, the smell of a pine forest and good home-made Italian food. I love to arrange exciting dinner-parties. Since I have worked as a make-up artist in Estonian Drama Theatre, I get a lot of inspiration from this show and spectacle that life gives us.

My job is my hobby and my world. I love the challenges that the hairdresser profession gives me. My wish is for people to be happy and I hope I can offer them that with my work.