Kaja Seppel - master stylist

The art of hairdressing interested me already in high school – I made up interesting hairdos and haircuts for my friends. My friends were the ones who encouraged me to go study hairdressing.

Since graduating from hairdressing school, my passion, hobby and work are united – I work as a hairdresser already for 27 years. In these years I have participated in a great number of different trainings, courses and seminars, all for the reason to do my work better and to develop my skills even more.

Alongside my work as a hairdresser I graduated from Tallinn University and got a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Pedagogics and a Master’s degree in Education Management. I speak fluently in English, Russian and Finnish. I can also speak a little French.

Kaja Seppel

I find inspiration for my work in everything: from famous hair artists like Vidal Sassoon, Sebastian Professional Creative Team and many others, also from nature, architecture and fashion. To me, being a hairstylist is being an artist who gets inspired by everything she sees and puts it all in people’s hair. I believe that you don’t become a good hairstylist right away, but in time, because being a hairdresser means constant training and learning and being aware of the latest fashion trends. A good hairdresser is also capable of empathy and has good communication skills.

I feel that my mission is to better the quality of hairdressing education in Estonia. I have been the practice supervisor for young hairdressers in Intersalon for 17 years. I work a as a teacher in Tallinn Industrial Education Centre and educate both beginners and already working hairdressers. In co-operation with other educators we have launched a book for hairdressing schools.