Hanna Mätas - senior stylist

My education journey started in Tallinn 21st School where I went to middle school, I got my high school diploma from Jüri Gymnasium. I studied to be a hairdresser by the official national curriculum in Tallinn Industrial Education Centre and I got my hairdresser’s diploma and certificate on the 4th of February in 2013.

After graduating I started working in Intersalon. I started in the beauty industry early on, already in high school. Before I became a hairdresser I had worked in two salons as a beautician and a nail technician.

I like my job and the emotions that come with it. There is no greater feeling than to offer my clients high-quality service and satisfaction. The goal is not to only offer beauty, but also comfort, and with that self-confidence. I always want to use the best equipment and products in my work and to better my skills regularly, considering the trends.

I communicate actively. I am not afraid of new challenges, I rather wait with excitement for what life has prepared for me! I have been involved in different hairdressing projects in television and elsewhere.

On my free days I break the everyday routine with horseback-riding. I have been doing that since I was a child and this is my greatest hobby after my hairdresser work.

I find that a hairdresser’s job is to help every person to find their own style and to bring out their individuality. You can never look too good!

Aim high – nothing is impossible!

Hanna won the best young hairdresser award in the Estonian best beauty service competition Teeninduse Teemant in 2014!