Intersalon's team

Love of beauty is Taste.
Creation of beauty is Art!

R. W. Emerson

Intersalon is Sebastian Professional and Wella Expert salon. This refers to high quality, accomplished hairstylists and in-depth knowledge of products.

Our mission is to offer high quality beauty service and a cozy environment so that both clients and team members would feel welcome and significant.

German Pinelis
junior hairdresser
Liisa Rüütli
junior hairdresser
Triin Veisman
junior hairdresser /make-up artist
Anett Laisaar
junior stylist / make-up artist
Kristi Karja
junior stylist / make-up artist
Hanna Mätas
senior stylist
Martin Kullus
senior stylist
Mari Haavel
senior stylist
Sirlen Kaljuvee
senior stylist

on maternity leave


Ilona Vares
senior stylist
Kaja Seppel
master stylist
Liina Heck
master stylist
Mariliis Viidas
Nail technician / make-up artist
Susanne-Silvia Taperson
nail technician
Lea Huuse
Maarja Liisa
Brow bar / make-up artist
Helena Sammel

Hanna Veske

Pictures of our salon